Anchor Concierge

Providing the necessary services within the community to bring quality time back to residents in the Southeast Georgia area.

A little about Anchor Concierge

The issue is knowing how to find that reliable help, and know that what you ask will be carried out correctly.
This is why I started Anchor Concierge, as I like to get jobs done right, first time, with care and precision.


How many times have you heard someone say,
“I’d rather be sitting on the beach than doing this right now!”
I know I’ve said it multiple times. I have run myself in the ground before even taking off for a week’s vacation – running errands, picking up supplies, buying last-minute necessities and groceries. Then, as soon as I shut the car door – I immediately start praying that my animals are OK while I’m gone and that my parents don’t get in an accident or that no one decides to target my house because they see the mail piling up in my mailbox.


What if we had someone to cover all these bases

Pre-planning to taking care of things while we were stress-free on a beach somewhere
Not just on vacation but during special occasions, family gatherings, graduations, birthday parties.
This way we could use that extra time to begin to unwind before, during and after with no worries.


By having a trusted source to take care of everything, that’s where Anchor Concierge sails in.

We provide personalized, exceptional service.


I have experience in all the services offered. I basically took the past 30 years of my life and wrapped them up in a concierge business.

Travel Planning: I have a degree in Business/hotel and restaurant management and learned from the best. I worked in the hospitality industry for 10 plus years. From working on a 72-foot sailboat in the USVI’s and BVI’s to working at the Savannah Yacht Club to selling cruises at one of the biggest cruise agencies in Orlando. My best expertise in travel planning is my love to travel! I can pretty much give you good tips and tell you about the best restaurants, hotels, activities on Jekyll Island, St. Simons, Seaside, Gulf of Mexico, St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach, Amelia Island, Orlando, Savannah, Tybee Island, United States Virgin Island, British Virgin Islands (to name a few) and knowledgeable of the cruise industry. (Western and Eastern Caribbean).
Personal & Lifestyle Services: I work as a perfectionist and will not let the tiniest detail go unfinished. It’s all about taking the load away from you so that you are stress free for whatever occasion. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a 40 – workweek grinder – we can assist you!

Health and Wellness Services: I also studied Holistic Health from 2000-2003 and am currently taking courses in Aromatherapy-have been in the health and wellness field for over 20 years. I am passionate about natural health and healthy living and have built a business making customized essential oil products, Along with

studying natural health, nutrition and aromatherapy – I had health issues in the past and have researched the best remedies for digestive issues, women’s issues, joint/pain relief, and children’s issues.
Note: I am not a doctor and only give recommendations.

Senior Care Services: I have worked for 10 plus years in the Aging and Disability field. During that time, I worked with older adults and their caregivers. The main mission was to help individuals live independently in their homes by offering services. Most of the services are based on the Older American’s Act and funded through federal and state grants yes… you guessed it – long waiting lists or funded through Medicaid with eligibility requirements including assets and individual’s income. There are so many baby boomers who fall in the gap when it comes to receiving services and sometimes they don’t necessarily need someone to come three times a week – they simply need companionship or someone to run a few errands for them. I have talked to so many long-distance caregivers who are unable to “check-in” on mom or dad and were willing to pay for that service for reassurance that everything is ok. I can totally relate. I am in the sandwich generation – still have a family and child to take care of but have parents who are aging. We all want our parents to age healthy while remaining independent. So many things can be prevented and if you are not here to do it –

Anchor Concierge can assist you,
just contact us now and see how.

ANCHOR CONCIERGE offer A high-level PROFESSIONAL service

That assists our clients to pursue an enhanced quality of life.

Anchor Concierge isn't a luxury, it’s more of a necessity. Our lifestyles are all rather chaotic, there's simply not enough time for what we have to do, let alone what we would like to do for ourselves. By using our company, to handle the more mundane jobs we all dislike and up till now have to do means that you can enjoy your life doing the things you want to do and get more quality time.

With Anchor Concierge working by your side

You'll get so much more achieved, so you'll save time & often money because Anchor Concierge have the resources to get it right first time & on time.