Anchor Concierge

Providing Health & Wellness Services

including chronic health conditions
in the Southeast Georgia area

We all have busy lives

problem is that we often push our bodies to the limit and don’t really take care of them

This is how Anchor Concierge can help you naturally by trying to prevent or ease issues or help recovery however you’ve done it 

by providing  the following:

  • Recommendations on vitamins, herbal supplements and essential oils for optimal wellness.
  • Essential Oil customized blends.
    (see for further information)
  • Health Navigator
    (online research for chronic health conditions, prevention/wellness consults, community resources)

The list of our services doesn’t stop here, these are just a few of our popular requests.

Health & Wellness Services:
At Anchor Concierge we can help everyone live better lives by helping them through medicinal care and more natural healing. The advantage of this form of treatment means that it’s less invasive, more natural, non addictive and can be used in conjunction with any other prescribed drugs.

Medicinal treatments can assist with a variety of conditions, ranging from respiratory issues, digestive health through to joint and pain relief.

At Anchor Concierge we feel it’s all about taking the load away from you, our client, so that you are stress free for whatever occasion. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a 40 – work week grinder – we can assist you!

We bring personal, individualized attention where it’s needed most. Our goal or mission statement is simple:

To offer a professional, high level service that assists our clients to pursue an enhanced quality of life.

Anchor concierge isn't a luxury, it’s more of a necessity. Our lifestyles are all rather chaotic, there's simply not enough time for what we have to do, let alone what we would like to do for ourselves.
By using our company, to handle the more mundane jobs we all dislike and up till now have to do, means that you can enjoy your life doing the things you want to do and get more quality time.

With Anchor Concierge working by your side

you'll get so much more achieved, so you'll save time & often money

because Anchor Concierge have the resources

to get it right first time & on time